Who are we?

TOP Sofa is a furniture company that makes bespoke seating for public venues that perfectly reflects the personality of your business. We specialize in all types of made-to-order commercial furniture, ranging from sofas, chairs and armchairs to custom-made beanbags, ottomans, pillows, partitions and other items on demand. We manufacture both contract furniture and unique handcrafted home furniture.

Why us?

Our team of craftsmen offer the highest level of workmanship and fast project implementation, all at realistic prices. We have been working together since 2008 and have built up enormous experience of the entire process of creating fabulous products – from furniture design to engineering and through to production and fitting. Our solutions contribute to great customer experiences with such brands as CanCan Pizza, Charlie Pizza, Talutti, Caif Cafe, Mojo Lounge and Pulse to name just a few.

Where to find us?

Our office and manufacturing facilities are located at Jonavos Str. 254A, Kaunas, Lithuania, and we can deliver our manufactured furniture to any location in Lithuania. Please contact us by phone on +370 615 39797 or send an email to [email protected]. For more information, please visit our Contacts page.