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We offer professionally designed, made-to-order armchairs. By using the latest production technologies, we are able to produce furniture in a multitude of designs, sizes and colours. For those who desire even more exceptional or unique furniture, we can also add additional details. Our carefully selected high-quality materials ensure that our armchairs are dependable and long-lasting and that they meet your individual stylistic needs.
Armchairs are frequently used in cafés, restaurants, pizzerias and hotel interiors. They’re also often much-loved pieces of furniture in people’s own homes. To ensure that our furniture retains its quality throughout its life, we only use dependable glued birch plywood and highly elastic HR foam rubber for our products. As a result, our armchairs can withstand year after year of use, never showing any signs of wear and tear. These high-quality materials allow us to guarantee the dependability and scratch-resistance of even the smallest detail. Depending on the style of your home or public space, we can offer a wide range of fabrics and leather to choose from. To save you time, we will order these materials and take care of the payment and delivery procedures ourselves.
For those who have a hard time choosing what style or size of armchair they need, we offer advice from qualified staff after ascertaining your primary needs and expectations. In every case, we value your needs and your vision for your furniture. We then design and produce an impeccable piece of furniture that reflects that vision.


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