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Public spaces often need something different: comfort, attention-grabbing interior decor, and high-quality, long-lasting furniture

Our services

Using your sketch, photo or detailed description of a customer’s vision, we are able to design and produce chairs, sofas, armchairs, poufs, settees, bean bag chairs or modular furniture. We can also install soft walls, columns or ceilings. TOP Sofa keeps pace with market trends, so we know and can implement the latest and boldest solutions in the soft furniture field.
We design and produce unique furniture and interior decor for cafés, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, pizzerias, hotels and other public spaces. TOP Sofa’s regular clients include well-known companies like the Can Can and Charlie Pizza pizzerias; DON VINO; Mr. Burger: Talutti restaurants; Caif Café; the Mojo Lounge cocktail bar; the Pulse and Zero nightclubs; and many others.
We only use glued birch plywood when making our unique furniture, which makes it longer lasting. Thanks to our high-quality materials, the objects we make take longer to wear down, and small pieces or details don’t break off. The piece of furniture lasts longer and looks like new so you won’t have to replace it before it has given you years of service. We also use highly elastic HR foam rubber in our products which provides long-lasting comfort and springiness. At a client’s request, we can also offer flame-retardant foam rubber, which is required in hotels and on cruise ships. We also offer a wide range of fabrics and leather that we will order, ship and pay for ourselves.


We aim to offer our customers high-quality furniture and interior decor at attractive prices, which is why we are constantly improving our production and organisation processes, updating our equipment and undergoing ongoing training. Given our clients’ growing needs, we make sure that we are always on top of the latest trends in soft furniture design and production.

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