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We design and produce extremely comfortable, made-to order settees. We offer a wide number of designs, shapes and colours and we can adapt these to spaces of any size, including existing interiors. We have no doubt that our settees are easy to install and will complement any office, lobby, waiting room, café or nightclub space. Of course, the same applies for any room in your own home.
When making our settees, we only choose the highest-quality materials. In the hands of our professional and highly experienced staff, those materials become unique and long-lasting products. Our time-honoured choices include glued birch plywood and highly elastic HR foam rubber. They mean that our furniture looks fantastic and will last for years, even in situations where they’ll be used by many people every day. In an effort to fulfil every client’s unique taste, we also offer a wide selection of fabrics and leathers to choose from. To save you time, we’ll order them ourselves and take care of all of the delivery and payment procedures.
By using the latest production technologies, choosing high-quality materials, employing highly professional staff and staying on top of the latest trends in settee production, we can bring to life any of our clients’ dreams and visions, no matter how bold. We encourage our clients to think big so we can create unique furniture that’s not only functional and comfortable to sit on, but that will also look beautiful and perfectly suit your interior.


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